"EKA" LLC social policy is oriented at building a professional team capable of reaching high end results in minimum time. The policy goals are achieved by organizing and regulating adequate compensation system, along with additional motivations, benefits and guarantees provided by the state and the Company, taking into account the interests of employees, partners, shareholders and other parties.

Social Responsibility

"EKA" LLC defines social responsibility as the need to take care of all people related to the Company: employees, partners, shareholders and other parties. This applies not just to legal responsibilities, but also to additional self-imposed measures to improve the living standards for the employees and their families, minimizing the impact of production activities on the traditional life of local population, and harmonizing the relationships with the society in general. The Company sees a true manifestation of social responsibility in providing adequate wages to the employees, ensuring their productive engagement, creating favorable working conditions, building labor motivation, taking care about professional improvement and career growth, maintaining labor safety, and providing charitable support. The Company pays individual bonuses to employees for professional skills and qualifications, extra one-off bonuses, and financial aid. Rule of law, ethical business practices, and observance of human rights are the key principles of our corporate social responsibility policy.

Relationships with regions

The Company’s operations in oil extraction regions have a direct impact on their current status and development. Our regional partners create new jobs, use products of local enterprises and pay taxes to the local budgets – these are the measures improving the livelihood of local population. At the same time, we realize that the Company’s current presence in the regions is not sufficient to support all key social projects. So, there is plenty of space for development. We are open to cooperate with regional and municipal governments to implement social and economic projects, raise the young generation, developing sports, preserving cultural and historical heritage and unique nature of the regions.

Charity and sponsorship

The Company takes the words “charity” and “sponsorship” seriously. The Company intends to focus on those sectors where solutions to social problems meet our targets. The Company is oriented at developing educational and training activities for the young generation, creating cultural and sports traditions.