Control system of industrial safety, health and the provision of resources required for effective management of production.

Our workers - are the main asset of our company. Therefore, "EKA" LLC holds active corporate policy in relation to its own employees and their families.

We set ourselves high targets in the field of the social wage and motivation, to fully implement all its obligations to comply with the labor legislation of the Russian Federation (stable wages, taxes and contributions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, paid holidays, sick leave).

We are creating their employees the safest and most comfortable working conditions (free clothing, free enterprise bus, gym, medical center and discounts on branded products).

"EKA" LLC always helps in solving the social problems. For example, the workforce of our company paid financial assistance; additional payments are made for the combination and other related payments.

Employees and their families are provided with subsidized vouchers to summer camps and health-improving facilities.

The company provides financial support for women who are on maternity leave or leave to care for a child.

"EKA" LLC pays special attention to safety in the workplace. When hiring workers the company holds extensive induction training on safety. All employees must undergo medical examinations.

Also, we have provided for their employees training courses. Our colleagues can improve their skills in special classes or get a higher profile education at the expense of the company.

And the most important thing. "EKA" LLC - is one big family, this is our guiding principle in working with people. Therefore, throughout the years we have cherished the enterprise support friendly relations between employees and sincerely rejoice the emergence of new couples.