ESA is the largest independent oil operator and producer in the domestics and international oil products market. In the oil business since 2008, the company has gained more trust and authority among partners and customers and also enjoys well-deserved respect for its individual and corporate clients.


The fuel company of ESA is:


  • more than 90 gas stations or about 10% of all gas stations in the Moscow regional market;
  • high level of service, fuel quality and related services at filling stations;
  • fuel coupons and cards for private and corporate clients;
  • own gasoline tankers for fuel transportation;
  • Wholesale fuel at competitive prices and its prompt delivery throughout Russia.


New brand of the network of filling stations


From 2008 to 2016 The ESA filling stations operated under a commercial concession agreement, using the franchisor's brand name for their promotion on the market.


By 2017, there was a heterogeneous format and design in the company's management, but an extensive sales network working with significant retail volumes of high-quality fuel, increasing its own technological and transport base from year to year, as well as the number of individual and corporate clients.


Before the company, which by that time had already become a leader in the domestics and international market of petroleum products, a new task arose: to create a single brand of the ESA network and to enter the key positions of the oil and gas market of domestics and international under its own name.


The large-scale rebranding of the ESA network of filling stations includes design of the stations in accordance with the company's new recognizable corporate style and technical re-equipment in accordance with the industry's current standards.


The main strategic goals of rebranding are to expand the client base, increase overall competitiveness and return from each fuel dispenser, and ensure a steady flow of new individual and corporate clients.